It's A Breakthrough!

The idea of creating a website on alternative and natural health options came as a flash just 2 weeks ago.

My company (former, I should say) and I parted company (no pun intended) mutually end December 2008. Months before that, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do post-employment.

But with the economy in the US and worldwide in turmoil my original blueprints had to shelved.

You see, I used to work in Big Pharma for 21 years and decided to hang up my tie (for lack of a better word, since I had no gloves or boots to hang up), because I was getting fed up with Big Pharma's underhanded tactics. The misrepresentations and arrogance of Big Pharma got to me after 21 years.

Just some 7 years ago my wife and I ran a pharmacy for a short 2 years. During those 2 years, I felt a sense of accomplishment whenever a patient came with a malady that they didn't want to treat with drugs but preferred to try out with natural alternatives.

I never felt guilty that I was avoiding drugs and advocating alternative and natural methods (while still working with the pharma company). The words natural and alternative are anathema to the drug industry. Although they deride natural medicine as having insufficient clinical trials they are terrified of natural medicines. This is a case of Goliath being scared of David.

Alternative and natural health companies don't have the Texas-sized wads of cash that Big Pharma have (that's why they are called Big Pharma). Yet "Nimble Natural" (what I call the alternative and natural companies) have made huge strides in Germany and many other Western countries, including the US. It's a understatement to say that they have a huge following in China and India (the major source of many natural alternative therapies).

So here we are 2 weeks after the brain-spark in my head the website and this blog have broken ground of the hidden silo where they were simmering.

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