How Easy Is An On-Line Divorce?

Getting hitched is a challenge. But staying married is the much bigger challenge, that's for sure. However, should the marital trials be above anything and everything after a tiring monotonous effort of somwhat meeting halfway, divorce clearly comes into the picture.

While divorce seems to be a disheartening word, our modern era and technology has made it less overwhelming. The world wide web has sprung up myriads of possibilities, be it for products or services, and the divorce online process is not excluded in the craze. Yes, there is now a growing industry for online divorce. Aside from the ease, online divorce comes inexpensive too. It is "cheap and easy on the budget", so they say.

Imagine the cost of as low as $249 in divorce online preparation service (filing an amicable divorce with no children), while it costs at least $2200 for an ordinary divorce attrorney who would provide the same kind of services. The savings mentioned are in the hundreds, not to mention the breeze in securing and filling out the forms.

However, it must be emphasized that the cheap online divorce caters to uncontested cases. This means that the soon-to-be ex-spouses have agreed to split amicably and are in total harmony of whatever assets, child custody or alimony that need to be divided.

The start of cheap online divorce initially was to provide the ideal option for those with low income. As it is uncontested, there is no need to bring in a third party. The forms are filled and filed straight to the courthouse so you are able to divorce

The process starts with signing up in a chosen website. Online divorce websites stresses the fact that there is no emotional trauma involved in online filing. Therefore, it is less spiteful and theatrical as against the normal divorce proceedings.

Once an account has been created, there is an interview style questionnaire to state the details of the divorce. After completing and paying for it, it is sent to the divorce service to prepare the remaining paperwork in its state-specific forms.

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