Ancient Chinese Acupunture

Existing over 3000 years, the Ancient chinese acupuncture is an art coming from China itself. This itself speaks for the volume of discoveries by China and with an interesting history behind it. Approximately 8000 years ago a Taoist by the name of Fu Hsi formulated the first two symbols that depict a broken and an unbroken line. These lines were symbolic of creation and reception and the interaction of these two lines represented life. Yin and Yan is therefore the backbone of the ancient chinese acupuncture and many other Chinese remedies.

Excavations have unravelled many objects from the old and new Stone Age in China. Even though many of the findings in modern excavations are of large tools and instrumentals, there were foundlings on hair thin needles as well, look These were called Bien. It is believed that ancient chinese acupuncture gained popularity in China during the period of the Yellow Emperor by the name of Huang Di (2697-2597). Not only using the bien stone but Ancient chinese acupuncture has also been using the bronze needles as well. Four gold needles have been unraveled in the Warren states era. Nan Jing which is a book with all these information also reveals about such findings.

The most noted text of ancient chinese acupuncture is reputed to be; the "Systematic Classics of Acupuncture and Moxibustion" written by Huang Fu Mi (260-265AD). But it was later on that ancient chinese acupuncture would experience a crucial transition. Ancient chinese acupuncture however became a formal branch of medical applications in the ancient china. Many acupuncture schools appeared in this time and essentially being the highlighting part of many texts found. Ancient chinese acupuncture has also been noted in the Ming dynasty(1568-1644).

Between the Ming Dynasty and all the way up to the 1960's, ancient chinese acupuncture and other traditional medicinal practices took a backseat. Western medicines gained more popularity and were given preference over traditional cures. 'Harmful', 'primitive' were the two words used to describe Ancient chinese acupuncture. 'barefoot doctors' have emerged with this. This amazing medicine methodology has therefore been able to keep alive by these medical practitioners. Ancient chinese accupuncture has been more appreciated after 1960's. This therefore led to the modernization of an ancient scientific discovery.

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